Academic Support

At UC Berkeley, our goal is to challenge our students academically and to provide the support to help them succeed.

You’ll find our faculty among the most accessible for a premier university. You’ll also find support through peer advising, peer counseling and tutoring.

In addition to support from people on campus, you'll find a number of organizations to help you achieve academic success. For example, the Student Learning Center (SLC)—the primary academic support service for students at Berkeley—offers a community of 8,000 undergraduates, 250 tutors and instructors, and 20 professional staff who work with students to promote academic excellence and personal success. Academic Centers are located throughout campus residential communities provide technological support and peer tutoring. These are just a few of the resources available.
The proof is in our numbers: We have a 97 percent retention rate among first-year undergraduates.

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Advising & Tutoring Services

Student Learning Center (SLC)

Student Life Advising Services/Educational Opportunity Program

Academic Services in the Residence Halls