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Be Berkeley

When you become a Golden Bear, you connect with a long tradition of academic excellence and community pride.

Come to UC Berkeley, the world’s premier public university. Study with Nobel laureate faculty at top research facilities. Meet the best students from the United States and around the globe. And graduate with a diploma that introduces you to a family of more than 450,000 alumni.

At Berkeley, learning opportunities present themselves both in and out of the classroom. Giving back to the community and participating in campus life are vital aspects to the Cal culture. You’ll find yourself among leaders of all kinds: Peace Corps volunteers, non-profit founders, student-government presidents, scholarship winners, and club organizers.

Sports & Athletics

Berkeley or, as we fondly call our school, “Cal,” has a proud tradition of team spirit!

This is Bear Territory. We produced 46 Olympians in the 2012 Summer Olympics, and won 17 medals. Berkeley is a member of the PAC-12 Division I Conference. We have 27 men's and women's intercollegiate squads and have won 79 national championships.  Wear your blue and gold to watch the Cal Bears fight it out on the football field, tennis court or track.

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There are many housing environments to choose from: traditional highrise residence halls, suite environments, single-gender living, and theme programs. Each one has a unique style and amenities that make it special.

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Berkeley believes that a diverse student body adds dimension and depth to the undergraduate experience. Diversity is much more than geography: It includes socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, ages, religions, and lifestyles.

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Faculty & You

Did you know that 35% of our undergrads worked with a faculty member on a campus activity other than coursework (e.g., student organization, campus committee, cultural activity)? Find out more about how you can interact with our faculty.

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Clubs & Organizations

There are more than 1,200 student organizations and clubs on campus. Some of the current listings: an improv company that does charity work, Korean rock musicians, salsa dancing, a student legal clinic, and Sigma Alpha Nu - a co-ed pre-law fraternity.

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Arts & Culture

Each year luminaries from the film, dance, theater, and music worlds perform at UC Berkeley. And off-campus, you'll find some of the most innovative venues in all areas of the arts.

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Jobs & Careers

As the world's top public university, Berkeley offers the academic rigor, renown, and opportunities that provides its graduates with the widest avenue for post-graduate success.

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Life in the Bay

UC Berkeley is situated in one of the world's most beautiful and diverse locations - a unique setting guaranteed to enrich your college experience. You are a 20-minute train ride from the world-class destination of San Francisco, within walking distance of the diverse City of Berkeley, and a four-hour ride from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Health & Safety

At Berkeley, we are concerned about the health and well-being of all our students. That's why we have a strong support system, in health services, counseling, and tutoring. We also have an extensive safety program, including BearWALK and Owl Services.

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