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A hallmark of UC Berkeley is its concern for student health and well-being.

The campus offers comprehensive healthcare services—as well as health promotion, public-health services, and personal, career, and crisis counseling—for all Berkeley students. You’ll also find help for any special needs (disabled students, gender equity, etc.).

UC Berkeley is a tobacco-free campus. The goal is to create a healthier environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors; help support tobacco users who are trying to quit; and reduce the number of new tobacco users by promoting the social norm of a tobacco-free environment.

Berkeley, along with all of the UC campuses, has implemented immunization requirements to ensure that students are educated about and receive vaccinations to prevent potentially serious and contagious diseases. To see what immunizations are now required, visit the University Health Services (Tang Center) website.


While Cal is in an urban environment, the campus offers a wide range of safety services such as late-night shuttles, campus escorts, and self-defense courses. The Berkeley campus has a dedicated, full-service police department with 77 officers, 45 full-time nonsworn personnel, and 60 student employees.

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