Students with a Disability

UC Berkeley offers some of the most comprehensive services and assistance in higher education for students with disabilities.

If you are a student with a disability applying to UC Berkeley, you may share information about your disability on your application for admission, if you choose. You are not required to make a disclosure about a disability.

The Admissions Office recognizes that an applicant’s disability circumstances might affect the reliability of their GPA and test scores. Although you are neither required nor expected to reveal any information about your disability, medical, psychological or other personal circumstances, you may choose to mention it in your personal insight questions.

Any information concerning your disability will be held in strict confidence in accordance with University policy and federal and state laws.

The personal insight questions are a chance to let us see a part of you that isn’t revealed in your courses, grades, list of activities and test scores. For example, you may provide information about how your disability may have affected your academic profile or other challenges and how you overcame these obstacles.


The documentation required to establish disability for purposes of consideration during the application for admissions process is NOT sufficient for purposes of establishing disability prerequisite for eligibility for services from the Disabled Students Program (DSP) while enrolled as a student at University of California, Berkeley. Disability-related documentation submitted for consideration during the application process is kept on file by the Admissions Department for a relatively short period of time, solely for use during the application process, and is destroyed thereafter.

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