The Muslim Community at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley welcomes students from all different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions to campus. The Muslim community – including faculty, staff, students, and off-campus society – works together to create a vibrant place for Muslim students and to support them during their time at UC Berkeley.

Ranging from an active student life to rigorous academic programs, UC Berkeley offers a world-class education. You have access to our libraries, research facilities, recreational centers, and of course, our renowned faculty and top students from all over the world.

The following is a list of programs, agencies, and opportunities designed to support the Muslim student experience at Berkeley. 


Berkeley Academic Guide: Check out the Berkeley Academic Guide filter; this search shows all courses filtered with the word "Muslim," if you would like to explore those offerings.

Department of Near Eastern Studies: Berkeley's Near Eastern Studies Department, founded in 1894, is one of the oldest and most distinguished such departments in the country. The department offers both general instruction and specialized training in Archaeology, Art History, Assyriology, Egyptology, Iranian Studies, Judaic and Islamic Studies, Comparative Semitics, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies: The Center for Middle Eastern Studies promotes the interdisciplinary study of the Arab World, Turkey, Israel, and Iran at the University of California, Berkeley, privileging no single country, topic, or political position. A federally funded Title VI National Resource Center, the CMES organizes a rich interdisciplinary lecture and film series each semester, supports advanced research on the Middle East by faculty, students, and visiting scholars, and conducts Middle East-related outreach to K-14 institutions and community partners throughout the Bay Area.

Muslim Life 

The Association for Muslim Professional Development: This student organization is dedicated to preparing Muslim students for professional fields. AMPD helps facilitate awareness and provides access to professional internships, and vocations through networking, and informational workshops.

Cal Muslim Student Association: The Muslim Student Association at Berkeley originated primarily to bring together Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures under one unified, organized, proactive community. The MSA at Berkeley stands upon the principles of inclusiveness, responsibility, and action. As an organization aimed primarily at the student body, we strive to remain inclusive of those who wish to understand, appreciate, and practice their Islam without compromising their morals and beliefs. The group also runs its own Facebook page.