Sproul Hall

Step into your future

Designed in the early 1940s and one of the last Beaux Arts buildings, Sproul Hall could rightly be called the heart of the student experience at Cal.

As you take your first step toward your new future, stand on the historic Savio Steps, named for Mario Savio, who gave a famous speech here in 1964 to lead the Free Speech Movement.

Today this space, which overlooks Upper Sproul and has the backdrop of the beautifully architected Sproul Hall, serves as the site for pre-game spirit rallies, music and dance, protests, and speeches. During the Occupy Cal movement of 2011, Robert Reich addressed thousands about the power of the freedom of speech.

Sproul Hall, of course, is home to the "first stop" of students embarking on their academic career at Cal: admissions, financial aid, and registrar.  It is also home to campus Visitor Services.


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