Transfer Student Applicant Checklist

Next Steps for Transfer Student Applicants

If you are a current transfer student applicant, check out the steps below. (Note: You will receive an email in January indicating we have received your email and that you may log in to the student portal.)

1. Check your application's progress online

Check your application's progress online via the student application portal MAP@Berkeley.

2. Complete forms on two websites

Complete Transfer Academic Update (TAU) forms on both our campus application portal and the University of California websites.

Please be sure to fill out these mandatory forms on each of these sites by January 31. UC Berkeley will not consider any updates made after January 31 for applicants to the College of Letters & Science. Applicants to the other Berkeley colleges may update forms after January 31; however, we cannot guarantee that those updates will be considered.

Applying to a college other than the College of Letters & Science? Applicants to other colleges have contact information on the bottom of their forms to whom they can contact with additional questions.

3. Make sure we have the correct information on file

You will need your 7-digit UC applicant ID number (provided when you submitted your University of California application) and the email address you provided in the application.

4. Update your application

If you need to change your email address, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, or SAT/ACT test scores, please update this information on the My UC Application website. Or contact us at

5. Monitor your email

This is the way we will be communicating with you. Please make sure that is not tagged as spam. To contact us, go to


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