Student Profile

The numbers below are presented as a snapshot of our incoming class of Golden Bears. These are not benchmarks and should only be used as a reference. Admission to Berkeley goes beyond academic indicators. We look for persistence, passion, and a desire to give back. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the first in your family to attend college or you’re the latest in a long tradition of educational excellence: You stand up and you stand out.

Keep in mind that UC Berkeley receives far more applications than it can admit. Consequently, to gain admission, you need to present an academic profile much stronger than that represented by the minimum University of California admission requirements.

NOTE: The information below is an enrollment estimate based on Office of Undergraduate Admissions data as of 08/2023.

First-Year Student Profile

Unweighted GPA 3.89-4.00
Weighted GPA 4.28-4.62

Data points reflect the middle 50% of students in our 2023 admitted class.

  2023 Applications 2023 Admits 2023 % 2022 Applications 2022 Admits 2022 %
Total: First-Year 125,922 14,772 11.2% 128,278  14,648 11.4%
From Public Schools From Rural Areas First Gen
79.0% 4.49% 31.4%

Transfer Student Profile

College GPA  3.62–3.96

Data points reflect the middle 50% of students.

  2023 Applications 2023 Admits 2023 % 2022 Applications 2022 Admit 2022 %
Total: Transfers 19,375 5,642 29.1% 19,392 5,268 27.0%

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What we look for in Berkeley students

Here at UC Berkeley we conduct what is known as holistic review. That means, we review each application in its entirety, word by word, page by page. We literally hug your application!

While grades and test scores are important and our applicant pool is highly competitive, we read each application individually—looking beyond the numbers—for students who can add to the extraordinary educational atmosphere at Berkeley. One aspect, leadership, can be demonstrated in many ways on your application.

Start your application early and distinguish yourself by writing about your own experience in a way that sets you apart from other applicants.